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Law of Karma and Rebirth 14/08/2013

QUESTION: How do we explain why people suffer and how our service to them is a part    of the law of Karma?
ANSWER: Suppose a number of people have suffered loss of life and property due to natural calamity like earthquake. More...

Make Me Crazy, Brahma-filled Mother      24/11/2010
Trailokyanath Sanyal

A great song from Bengali Songs to the Goddess Kali More... pdf


In the Hours of Silence 3/3/2010

Translated from the Ashtavakra Samhita.
Disciple: MASTER, teach me how I may attain spiritual illumination; teach me how I may find liberation from the bondages of life and death; teach me how I may escape from the mire of worldliness.
Sage Ashtavakra:
He who aspires after liberation, my child, must shun like poison the pleasures of the world, and seek like nectar the virtues of forgiveness, kindliness, contentment and truthfulness. More...

The Guru

Sri Ramakrishna used to say: 'Gurus can be had by the thousands, but rare is a disciple.' There are plenty of people to give advice, but how many are there to listen to it? If a man has faith in the words of his guru and follows them, then all his doubts and troubles vanish. If a man has faith in the words of his guru, God will meet all his wants. Holding him by the hand, He will lead him on the right path - Swami Brahmananda More...


Be Blessed with Spiritual Awakening -- NEW !!!

1st January , 1886. Cossipore garden house.
Sri Ramakrishna blessed all his devotees with these words:
"May all of you be blessed with spiritual awakening."

A messenger of God has only one message: More...


Control of the Mind

Sri Krishna says in the Gita: "Man is his own best friend and his own worst enemy. He who has controlled his mind by discrimination is verily his own friend; but he who has not, becomes his own worst enemy." More...


Living the Simple Life

QUESTION: Why is possessiveness considered wrong? Should we not own things or have friends? More...



Purity is an essential condition of spiritual life. Purity is the very bed-rock of spirituality; without it none can advance in the spiritual path.
It is impurity which obstructs our vision of God. Impurity arises from ignorance. Ignorance gives rise to egoism; we forget our real nature and identify ourselves with non-self i.e., the body and mind. The ego gives rise to attachment and aversion; it is because of the ego we have intense clinging to life. More...


Struggle! Struggle! Struggle!

Struggle! Struggle! Struggle! This was the advice Swami Yatiswaranandaji received from Swami Brahmananda, about spiritual progress.
Even after years of struggle many of us are not sure whether we have made any progress at all. The reason, perhaps, is that we focus mostly on the process and not on the goal. More...