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Be Blessed with Spiritual Awakening


Ramakrishna Vedanta Centre U.K.
Bourne End, London
Magazine Vedanta January-February 2004




1st January , 1886. Cossipore garden house.
Sri Ramakrishna blessed all his devotees with these words:
"May all of you be blessed with spiritual awakening."


A messenger of God has only one message: how to awaken people to God. He is like the good shepherd leading all his sheep home, to safety. The words of an Incarnation of God are potent, unfailing and universal. They are applicable to all men all over the world. His blessings are not confined to any race, country, religion, or gender; an Incarnation of God does not come for the benefit of merely a few people. His power and message will help innumerable aspirants for a long time to come. Whoever sincerely calls on God, wherever, and in whatever form, is sure to receive his infallible blessing.

This blessing is an act of grace. Grace comes in the form of a human birth, a longing for God, and a favourable environment.

Our part in this cosmic drama is to use this invaluable opportunity. Many of us are aware of this and would like to use it, yet something seems to hold us back. Sometimes we might feel discouraged. At such times the blessing of Sri Ramakrishna strengthens our faith and gives a new impetus, an inspiration for further striving.

It is the belief of the devotees of Sri Ramakrishna that he is still showering his blessings; he is ready to come to the help of any aspirant at any time. Those who strive sincerely need no proof; they experience this directly, every time.

May the New Year strengthen our spiritual resolve and take us nearer to God.
Swami Dayatmananda